Oil of Mercy is a Homeopathic Herpes Treatment Made from Essential Oils

A herpes outbreak is an extremely painful experience that is accompanied by a variety of symptoms from blisters/ulcers, fever, fever blisters to itching, burning and lesions. When caught early in an outbreak, using our proprietary blend of essential oils provides relief and can prevent a full out outbreak from occurring. Oil of Mercy is a topical, homeopathic herpes treatment made from therapeutic essential oil formulations. This formula provides natural, effective immune support for cold sores, genital herpes & shingles/chicken pox virus.

Homeopathic Herpes Treatment using Essential Oils

Oil of Mercy is a powerful blend of organic and/or wild-crafted plant extracts. Essential oils generally include a mixture of terpenes, esters, aldehydes, ketones, alcohols, phenols, and/or oxides. As a result of their natural, functional classes of compounds, essential oils possess therapeutic properties and a distinct fragrance. In a person afflicted with the herpes virus, Oil of Mercy’s patent-pending formulation of essential oils will disrupt the virus’ cycle, speed the healing process, reduce inflammation and provide soothing relief for those afflicted with this painful virus.